The 10 Best Video Games of Gamescom 2015

9. Halo Wars 2


It is clear that the RTS (real-time strategy) video game genre is not big on consoles. The likes of Electronic Arts’ Red Alert 3 were released on the Xbox 360, but failed to generate much player interest. And Microsoft’s Halo Wars, a RTS game set in the Halo universe, was released in 2009 but wasn’t a commercial hit. Perhaps it was due to its short campaign, which only allowed players to control the UNSC (the game’s Covenant alien faction was not playable) and that not many people took to the game’s multiplayer, but Halo Wars is regarded as something of a failure.

But Microsoft is now hoping that Xbox One players will embrace the real-time strategy genre, as the company plans to release a sequel to the original game, titled Halo Wars 2. Development duties will be handled by Creative Assembly, a developer known for its quality Total War series, so hopes are high that they will deliver a great real-time strategy game come Halo Wars 2 release date next year.

Release date: Fall 2016. Available on Xbox One and PC.