Ranking the Telltale games from worst to best

3. Tales from the Borderlands


Protagonist Rhys and con artist Fiona (left) go through one hell of a ride in Tales from the Borderlands.


Although the Borderlands action video games are some of the best seen to date, this Telltale game managed to live up to 2K Games’ first-person action shooters and deliver a great gameplay experience to fans of their episodic adventure games like the earlier The Walking Dead.

Set in a sci-fi world, Tales from the Borderlands stars Hyperion company man Rhys who’s on a mission to get even with his cruel boss and make a fortune by getting hold of a “vault key” while dealing with outlaws, mercenaries and other sinister characters who are after his hide… Aside from Telltale’s choice and consequence gameplay there are also some action sequences that require precise button timing, although thankfully these are well implemented and help turn Tales from the Borderlands into one of the best sci-fi adventure games in recent memory.