Ranking the Telltale games from worst to best

6. Sam & Max – Season 3 (The Devil’s Playhouse)


Space gorilla Skunkape is one of Sam and Max’s enemies in The Devil’s Playhouse.


Telltale outdid themselves with this final Sam & Max season, with the game featuring more weird and wacky characters and situations than the earlier seasons, and the pair now getting to use psychotic powers in order to fight evil, as rabbit Max is able to teleport, view the future and even turn into inanimate objects…

Perhaps the highlight of this Sam & Max season is the “Penal Zone” episode, in which the pair must thwart the plans of a power crazy gorilla from outer space, featuring some clever puzzles which require Max to transform into a bazooka and use his future vision to acquire a banana peel, and even have a conversation with an alien brain… Despite the craziness of the puzzles though, The Devil’s Playhouse is still a ton of fun and one of the best Sam and Max adventures to date.