Ranking the Final Fantasy games from best to worst

10. Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy II was a worthy sequel to the 1987 ground-breaking original game.


After the original Final Fantasy became an unexpected hit back in 1987, Square Enix got down to the business of making sequels, taking into account the public’s love for all things Final Fantasy… And this sequel did top the original despite having a few quirks of its own, thanks to its superior storyline and visuals.

Although some were not fond of II’s proficiency system, which was similar to the levelling mechanic seen in the Elder Scrolls games but wasn’t as intuitive, as it required players to take damage in battles in order to increase their character’s hit points, for instance, leading to player frustration. But Final Fantasy II was also the first entry to feature those cute Chocobos, and its cool story involving one lonely dragon and a mysterious character named Leon still make this game a fun little romp to play through today.