Ranking the Final Fantasy games from best to worst

6. Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy IV let players take control of a five character party in its dynamic battles.


In Final Fantasy IV players take the role of Cecil, an airship captain who ends up rebelling against his king in a plot with more twists and turns than a good rollercoaster ride. And like other Japanese role-playing games, Final Fantasy IV features the same challenging combat, including random encounters against a variety of fearsome foes. Also noteworthy is that Final Fantasy IV was the first game in the series to drop turn-based combat in favour of an ATB (Active Time Battle) system, leading to more dramatic, closer to real-time battles instead.

The game was originally released in the early 90’s, but was remade in 2012 for mobile devices, featuring updated graphics, controls and user interface, making it more accessible to modern audiences and proving that this timeless RPG has lost none of its appeal over the years.