Ranking the Resident Evil games from best to worst

4. Resident Evil 2

Leon and Claire are out to put things right in Raccoon City in this superb Resident Evil sequel.

This Resident Evil game introduced iconic series characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, and was set in a zombie infested Raccoon City. And it’s clear that this sequel continued the series with style, delivering better graphics, sound and story, even if some of the puzzles were not so great.

One great feature of Resident Evil 2 was that playing as one character or another had more impact on the game, as choosing to play as Leon or Claire the first time around would lead to a slightly different experience when choosing the other character for the next playthrough. Actually, you got to meet different characters along the way and pick up different weapons, plus puzzles were solved in a different order too. And there’s no doubt that Resident Evil 2 was a great follow-up to the ground-breaking original, and one of the best survival horror games seen to date, which will thankfully be getting a remastered edition sometime in 2019.