Ranking the Resident Evil games from best to worst

6. Resident Evil HD Remaster

You could revisit the creepy mansion of the first game in this Resident Evil HD remaster.

This remaster of the original Resident Evil game (which was based on the 2002 remake) managed to capture the feel of the 1996 original, while offering upgraded visuals like sharper textures and character models. It did have some of the same niggles the original Resident Evil did though, like the cumbersome inventory management, requiring constant shuffling and discarding of items to progress in the game.

But exploring the game’s creepy mansion was still a blast though. This was due to Resident Evil’s superb atmosphere, thrilling combat and clever puzzles, really making you want to find out what went on in this mansion infested by some of the scariest creatures seen in a video game to date. And luckily everything was still great in this remastered HD edition, which still stands amongst the best Resident Evil games made to date.