Ranking the Resident Evil games from best to worst

9. Resident Evil: Revelations

Revelations was a cracking experience overall, thanks to its great ocean liner setting and focus on action horror gameplay.

After the disappointment that the earlier Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was, fans of the series welcomed this new instalment with open arms, as it was a return to the series survival horror roots. The game is set aboard the Queen Zenobia, a luxury ocean liner full of monstrosities. This is one of the best-realized settings in a Resident Evil game to date, even rivalling the original’s Arklay mansion.

Resident Evil: Revelations did have its faults though, as the convoluted story involving bioterror organizations wasn’t too enjoyable while some of the characters’ dialog was grating as in earlier games in the series. But walking down the ship’s narrow corridors while fighting the creepy Ooze monster enemies was certainly an enjoyable experience, making Revelations one of the better entries in the Resident Evil series to date.