Ranking the Resident Evil games from best to worst

3. Resident Evil (1996)

Capcom delivered a bona fide classic with 1996’s Resident Evil.

If one thing is clear, is that the first Resident Evil game (which was released for the original PlayStation console back in 1996) is one of the biggest video game classics of all time. It also kick started a franchise which still is going strong, and single-handedly made the survival horror video game genre popular. Actually, it can be argued that the likes of Silent Hill wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this game, making Resident Evil an important video game by anyone’s standards.

So even if this has been surpassed by the sequels that would follow, it can’t be denied that Shinji Mikami’s game was revolutionary at the time thanks to its winning gameplay formula and combination of third-person action and puzzle solving. And who can forget the game’s menagerie of monsters like the terrifying Cerberus dogs? Plus, there’s no doubt its creepy mansion setting is one of the best in gaming to date, making this a bona fide classic we won’t soon forget.