The top 10 video games of the 2010’s decade

4. Life is Strange

This episodic adventure game put developer Dontnod Entertainment on the map in 2015, thanks to its great characters and emotionally engaging story. The protagonist is shy photography student Max Caulfield, who early on discovers she’s unlike the average teenager, as she’s been gifted with the power to rewind time. Teaming up with her childhood friend Chloe Price, they start looking for her friend Rachel Amber – who’s mysteriously disappeared in Arcadia Bay, the quaint US town where the game is set.

Life is Strange boasts choice and consequence gameplay not unlike that of a Telltale game, made even more interesting by the fact that Max is able to rewind time, letting you see the consequences of picking different actions at certain points in the game. But what matters most is that this is an impactful, emotional game with characters you won’t forget anytime soon, making it a must-play for anyone who enjoys adventure video games.