The top 10 video games of the 2010’s decade

2. Hitman

The Hitman games by IO Interactive have been delighting players since the dawn of the millennium, but Hitman 2016 is arguably the most refined one to date. This reboot once again stars bald antihero Agent 47, who travels the globe in order to kill a series of high-profile targets in a story which pits his employer the ICA against a mysterious agency.

As in other Hitman games, production values are top notch. Superb motion captured cinematics tell the story, while the variety of locations on offer (which range from a posh Paris mansion to a Mediterranean town in Italy) are all fantastically rendered. It’s gameplay where Hitman excels at, though, and this lets you master the art of assassination offering countless ways to kill your targets. You can use Agent 47’s silenced pistol, drop a heavy chandelier on the victim, or even eliminate the unsuspecting mark with an explosive golf ball… In the end, this is a game that turned video game killing into an art, and we’re thankful for that.