Top 10 Star Wars Video Games of All Time

8. Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011)


Star Wars: The Old Republic offered a similar experience to Knights of the Old Republic, but with the added bonus of being able to play with others. It is rumoured that the game had a huge budget, being the most expensive game ever made until GTA V came out.

The Old Republic offered an enormous amount of content, featuring eight branching storylines. These could be enjoyed alone if computer-controlled companions were enough to keep you happy or with others. As a matter of fact there were plenty of opportunities to be social and enjoy the game with other players.

There were multiplayer dungeons and specific quests that could only be solved with other human players, and it was possible to participate in in-game conversations as a group. The space combat was something of a let-down though. Those bits could only be played solo, and the player was forced along a predetermined route like in the “rail shooters” of old such as Rebel Assault.