10 Celebrities Who Play Video Games


There was a time when playing video games was not considered a socially acceptable pastime, but nowadays gaming is certainly a mainstream form of entertainment, and the big video game franchises like Halo and Call of Duty have millions of players.

And even celebrities like to fire up their console o PC every now and then and spend quality time playing games like World of Warcraft, even if these video games have become a bit of an obsession for some. Here follows a list of 10 celebrities who play video games.

1. Daniel Craig


If one thing is clear, is that Daniel Craig is one of the better-known actors in the world. After all, the Englishman succeeded Pierce Brosnan in 2006 to become the new James Bond, and starred in a series of phenomenally successful flicks starring agent 007, with 2012’s Skyfall being the highest-grossing Bond film of all time.

And aside from also starring in video game movies, Craig enjoys playing action hero in video games too. He’s actually fond of the Halo video games, as he told ShowBizSpy, but only plays ultra-violent games like the GTA series for limited period of time, although not with the approval of former partner, movie producer Satsuki Mitchell. Craig even played the likes of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption to prepare for his scenes in director Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens according to an ING interview, proving that this is one celebrity who’s surely into video gaming.

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