Ranking the Super Mario games from best to worst

4. Super Mario 3D Land (2012)

Bowser was after Peach in Super Mario 3D Land.


This was the first Super Mario game to hit Nintendo’s 3DS handheld. Like its sequel Super Mario 3D World, this is a cross between the 3D and classic 2D Mario games of yesteryear. Actually, this was the first Super Mario game to feature the Tanooki power-up since Super Mario Bros 3. This is a racoon-like suit for Mario, letting him whip enemies with its tail and even turn into an invincible statue to survive the level.

And although Super Mario 3D featured the same tired old plot of Bowser kidnapping Peach (something he apparently never gets tired of) and was rather short and easy (at least in the early stages), the thrill of completing a level by jumping on a flagpole never got old. Of course, this wasn’t the revolution the Galaxy games were, but this Super Mario game surely proved that classic Mario platforming could be as popular on handheld consoles, and sold millions of copies to boot.

Came out on: 3DS