The 10 Most Shocking Video Game Flops


While many video games become best sellers and are adored by gamers, a few end up being flops. Maybe they were overhyped and ended up being disappointments, leaving gamers bitter after parting with their hard-earned cash. The story of other video gaming flops is more tragic, as many games that were commercial failures were actually quite good, even great games. They are the unsung heroes that maybe garnered a cult following later. But there have been some truly awful video game flops. Games that not only were poor sellers but so damn bad that the discs they came on probably ended up being used as Frisbees.

So without further ado, here follows a list of the 10 most shocking video game flops.

10. Alpha Protocol


Alpha Protocol is the typical case of a brilliant concept spoiled by poor execution. On the one hand it probably had the best choice and consequence gameplay of any game this side of Mass Effect. But its lack of polish was evident throughout, with its mediocre graphics, bad third person shooting and terrible AI.

So the game got middling reviews and poor sales, leading Sega boss Mike Hayes to say that there was no possibility of a sequel. This is a pity, because Alpha Protocol did have a golden heart. But if a game is not a Metacritic star and does not sell well, it’s sadly game over in today’s competitive market.