Top 10 Video Games to Be Released in 2016

6. XCOM 2


Don’t let the new Viper aliens give your soldiers a hug…


It is clear that XCOM: Enemy Unknown, by developer Firaxis Games, was one of the best strategy games of 2012. That game was a sci-fi turn-based game that had players controlling an elite squad of soldiers fighting an alien invasion. And despite featuring turn-based gameplay, XCOM offered some pretty exhilarating action, as the aliens not only were ruthless, but the different enemy types, from the Sectoid to the Thin Man, had tons of personality and the game’s destructible maps and buildings would crumble spectacularly in a heated battle.

And Firaxis will likely deliver more of the same strategic gameplay with XCOM 2, as the game will offer new enemy types like the Viper, which is fond of choking XCOM soldiers to death, and new gameplay ideas like the new guerrilla warfare system. XCOM 2 will also fully support user mods right off the bat, and it sure looks to deliver the same great experience as its predecessor when it’s released this year.

Release date: February 5, 2016. Available on PC.