Top 10 Video Games to Be Released in 2016

8. Mafia III


Lincoln Clay returns to a conflicted New Orleans, seeking revenge.


The late 60’s sure were a turbulent time in the U.S., with social strife, civil rights issues and the controversial Vietnam War. And Mafia III protagonist Lincoln Clay is a Vietnam vet who returns to his native city of New Orleans on a revenge mission, after his gang, the black mob, is put down by the Italian Mafia.

And while Mafia III is little more than a GTA clone at heart, with the typical open-world gameplay, third-person shooting and reckless driving, it could benefit from its cool New Orleans setting. Just roaming around the city enjoying the 60’s atmosphere and period music could be one of this game’s draws, and also the gameplay will likely be as violent as that in any GTA title, with the protagonist performing brutal melee takedowns and plenty of road explosions in a game that could end up being one of the year’s top titles.

Release date: 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.