Ranking the Far Cry Games from Best to Worst


If one thing is clear, is that the Far Cry series is one of the best-known in gaming. These games are set in exotic locations, such as the fictional Himalayan country of Far Cry 4, and feature memorable characters such as the ruthless and unpredictable villain Vaas of Ubisoft’s 2012 hit Far Cry 3.

And when it comes to delivering a great first-person shooting experience in a lush open world, few games can match what the Far Cry games offer. While there have been many great games in this series, and gamers are passionate about which of the games they prefer, only one can be the best. So here follows a list of the Far Cry games, ranked from best to worst.

1. Far Cry 3


Far Cry 3’s villain Vaas Montenegro sure knew the meaning of insanity…


If one thing is clear, is that Far Cry 3 is the high point of the series. This 2012 game delivered everything that the Far Cry games are renowned for: open-world action, exploration, exotic locations, big guns and fantastic characters in one great package.

In the game’s story, protagonist Jason Brody and his friends go skydiving above Rook Island, and end up being captured by pirates, who are led by one of the most memorable video game villains of all time, the insane Vaas Montenegro.

And although Far Cry 3’s story had the dreaded “white saviour” complex (a rich guy from California becomes a messianic hero who saves the natives of Rook island), it was still great overall and featured a memorable ending. Plus Far Cry 3’s open-ended gameplay had the player assaulting enemy outposts with a multitude of weaponry, from machine guns to sniper rifles to rocket launchers that were all certainly a joy to use, making this Far Cry game one of the best action games of all time.



    This list is wrong all the way

  • Nonchalante

    I wonder why the console Far Cry’s are even on this list. Anyway, here’s mine:

    1. Far Cry 2
    2. Far Cry 3
    3. Far Cry 4
    4. Far Cry 1
    5. Blood Dragon

    Haven’t played Primal yet

    • Fithian

      Agree with your list. Happy to see that I’m not alone in thinking FC2 was the best one to date.

      • Nonchalante

        Very underrated game. Surely has the best storyline too, if one care to look in to it. A story that is actually realistic and doesn’t support a moral compass. Glad to hear we agree 🙂

  • Robbytfd

    I guess it’s all subjective. But I think this list is just wrong. I haven’t played Primal yet. So I’m not going to comment on it, other than I don’t think I’ll like the fact it isn’t a shooter and they quite literally just refaced the map of FC4. It’s literally the same map, with rivers, mountains and other geographical features in the same place.

    My list:
    1. Far Cry 2 – The characters weren’t as flamboyant as the antagonists in FC3 & FC4. But that’s okay. I actually think they pushed Vaas and Min a little over the top. They became caricatures instead of characters, while the Jackal remains the best pure, grey character the series has seen. He feels real. Vaas and Min don’t feel real. I just don’t understand how we could think the story of Far Cry 2 is in any way inferior to the others. It’s not quite as movie-like. It isn’t as over the top. But the struggle itself feels real. It feels like a real situation. You’re a hired gun with all the skills to survive. And most of the time you aren’t taking on the enemy yourself. You’re playing both sides so they destroy each other. It’s just going to be a struggle. I don’t think any sane person really buys the plots of Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale, untrained in every way, taking out armies single handedly and saving the nation from oppression. Far Cry 2 also had a more cohesive story all the way through, where the antagonists are menacing up until the very end. Spoiler alert. They killed Vaas 3/4 of the way through and introduced some jerk nobody gives a crap about the fill his shoes. That’s what we call poor pacing.

    Far Cry 2 also had something the others did not. An intense feeling of impending doom. Battling malaria during the middle of a firefight and having to run and hide from extremely aggressive AI who would follow you on foot for miles all while filtering through you weapons to find one that was still in working order and wouldn’t misfire, well, that’s what made it so intense. The others don’t match it in regards of putting you in desperate situations. It was just the most remarkable game in the series. Not because of its gameplay, which had legitimate flaws. The shooter aspect was a bit hinkie. But it’s remarkable specifically because of its story, tone, and follow through. I just find it absurd that this was the aspect of the game the author chose to criticize. Pure crap.

    2. Far Cry 3 – The overall story isn’t that great, relying too heavily on over the top characters like Vaas, Buck, and the Tribal Queen whatever her name is. And nobody SHOULD buy into the “Jason Brody Hero A Number 1” bit. It’s just dumb. Spoiled kid from SoCal miraculously becomes an expert marksman and master woodsman in order the save the day. But the gameplay is super smooth, the environment is incredible, the new features, like crafting, are great, and it finds a nice middle ground with animals that pose a threat, but aren’t so numerous it becomes annoying. Great game. Very fun to play over again.

    3. Far Cry 4 – Fun game. A little too much like Far Cry 3 for me to be incredibly excited. It wasn’t so much a different game than a different location. But fun nonetheless. The biggest problem I had with this game is the animals. The massive number and lethality of the animals is a fun challenge at first, but really drags the game down after awhile. Far Cry, and any open world game in general, is supposed to be about choices. How do I choose to complete this mission? What do I explore next? Having to wade through an army of Bears, Tigers, Rhinos, Dholes, Honey Badgers, Wolves, Killer Eagles, Demon Fish, Yak, multiple varieties of leopards, wild boars, and crocodiles (did I forget anything?) in order to accomplish ANYTHING is really just not fun after a few hours. And it isn’t conducive to being stealthy when you hang on the perimeter of an outpost when, yup, an entire pack of wolves just spawned five feet behind you, literally in the spot you were standing a few seconds ago when there wasn’t an animal in sight.

    4. Far Cry – I came in to the game after Far Cry 2 had been released. So Far Cry, although still good, was already a bit dated. If I had played it in 2005 instead of 2010, I might have a different opinion of it.

    5. Blood Dragon – A very fun one off. It doesn’t compare to the depth of the full releases. But it wasn’t supposed to.

    • Nonchalante

      You’re so right about FC2. The gritty story that’s actually pretty smart and complex if u actually care to follow it is by far the best in the series. Also, the Jackal i had a nice twist in it.

      I see we also agree perfectly on the rest of the list, nice!

  • J Wood

    I agree with you guys. Far Cry 2 is not only my favorite Far Cry game, it’s honestly one of my favorite FPSs of all time. Yeah, I said it. It is also the only game I think I’ve ever played that’s actually harder and more fun on console than PC, because you can only save at safe houses, end-of-missions and so on. I’ve been hoping lately that Far Cry 5 is more like FC2 instead of 3 & 4. FC2 on infamous difficulty gets my heart beating faster than any game I can think of. The reason I found this article is that I was searching for newer reviews because I thought I was crazy for loving it so much; everyone used to say how much they hated it when it first came out, but years later everbodys opinion has apparently changed — (…)

    • Fithian

      Agreed. I love FC2, I was googling for a remake, but I doubt that would happen. I remember when it came out, the media said it was racist…because you were killing black folk. How stupid can you get!
      Anyway, love the game, wish I could get it on PS4. I loved the atmosphere in that game.