Ranking the Far Cry Games from Best to Worst

2. Far Cry


Wearing that red Hawaiian shirt made Jack Carver easily spotted by enemy mercenaries…


This is the game that started the Far Cry franchise, and despite being released in 2004, it still is a great experience. Made by German developer Crytek (who would later sell the Far Cry series to Ubisoft), this first Far Cry was one of the first open-world shooters, and it was possible, for instance, to take the direct approach when assaulting an enemy camp, or simply take another route and avoid any confrontation whatsoever… Its levels were self-contained worlds and players could see for miles using the game’s binoculars, certainly in terms of visuals Far Cry was a revolutionary game in 2004.

The story was a bit cheesy however, as protagonist Jack Carver found himself stranded on South Pacific island chain on which a sinister character named Krieger is conducting Dr. Moreau-like experiments with the goal of creating human-animal hybrids. And the mutated monstrosities known as “trigens”, that could kill players in two swipes, were certainly not as fun to deal with as the game’s mercenaries. But still, despite its unnerving difficulty, Far Cry is an enduring classic that launched a series that is loved by players worldwide, and certainly deserves credit for that.