Ranking the best Hitman games

7. Hitman: Sniper (2015)

This Hitman game did sniper shooting pretty well, but failed to provide enough variety to keep players hooked for long.


This Hitman spin-off for smartphones and tablets focuses on one aspect of Hitman’s gameplay: shooting with a sniper rifle. It has a minimal narrative which sees Agent 47 travelling to a posh neighbourhood in Montenegro in order to kill some evil, high-profile targets, while you can also shoot others attending the wild party at an apartment complex for no reason in particular…

Hitman: Sniper does incorporate some interesting puzzle elements, as guards can be lured out of position by activating car alarms, and it’s possible to kill enemies in clever ways like shooting a glass railing or by turning a giant fan on, sending them rolling down a mountain with a well-placed shot. The problem is that the whole thing takes place in only one location and despite the high production values, this just involves shooting at things or people with a sniper rifle over and over again. Plus the game also has those odious microtransactions which allow players to buy fancier rifles with real money, but might still be appealing to the hardcore Hitman crowd though.

Came out on: iOS and Android.