Ranking the best Hitman games

3. Hitman: Absolution (2012)

The most cinematic Hitman game, and also one of the best.


Hitman: Absolution is upfront about its cinematic aspirations: a superbly-produced cutscene reveals that Agent 47’s mission is to kill his long-time handler Diana, who for reasons unknown has betrayed the Agency. The story, while boasting no major revelations, has a dark, movie-like feel and pits protagonist Agent 47 against a bunch of low-lives led by a seedy character in a cowboy hat.  Actually, if this were a movie instead of a video game, it would be far superior to that awful 2015 film starring Rupert Friend.

The gameplay is also up to par, although long-time fans might actually have been disappointed by the game’s linearity at points, and tendency towards action rather than stealth. This is highlighted by the fact that Agent 47 has a special ability that allows him to freeze time and tag multiple enemies to shoot quickly, although there are also some superb stealth segments such as one set in a train station, and others like a Chicago strip club where you have plenty of ways to kill the target. All in all, this is a Hitman game with superb production values and gameplay to match.

Came out on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.