Ranking the best Hitman games

1. Hitman (2016)

Stealth and disguises will get you to places you have no right to be in this Hitman game.


This game brought back the great gameplay fans of the series were longing for since Hitman: Blood Money. And like in previous games in the series, Agent 47 is a master of disguise: you can dress like a cook, bodyguard or sound stage man here amongst others. As usual, being stealthy is more rewarding than pulling the trigger in this game. Also, the brilliant locations on offer take you to places like Sapienza: a lovely Mediterranean town where you have to kill two rogue scientists and destroy a deadly virus in a James Bond-inspired mission.

Hitman 2016 is a wonderful game, then. But much like Agent 47 gets rid of his victims with a bullet in the back, IO has made the previous game obsolete with a legacy pack for Hitman 2. Which means no matter how brilliant Hitman 2016’s murderous gameplay is, there’s little reason to return to this game as you can enjoy all of it within Hitman 2 now. Nonetheless, this was the beginning of a new direction for the series, and surely one of the best action and stealth games made to date.

Came out on: PC, PS4 and Xbox One.