Ranking the Hitman games from worst to best

5. Hitman Go (2014)

This cute puzzle game stars Agent 47, and it sure is fun.


Hitman Go is the sort of game you can enjoy in a quiet summer evening. It’s a puzzle game that tests your grey matter, proving Hitman’s gameplay makes for a great board game. The diorama-like levels are cute, and there’s even a reimagining of the opera level from Blood Money. Plus, the famous “Ave Maria” song is heard in those stages where the goal is to kill a target.

The figurine-like enemies include dudes in yellow jackets who patrol levels one turn at a time, and paranoid guys who wield knives and turn 180 degrees each turn. You also encounter objects such as rocks, which are useful to distract enemies, and there’s also Agent 47’s trademark sniper rifle, which can kill two enemies in one shot. Optional challenges include finishing the level without killing anyone, which proves Hitman Go is as much about stealth and logic as the main games are.

Came out on: PC, PS4, PS Vita, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.