Ranking the Hitman games from worst to best

7. Hitman: Sniper (2015)

This game is all about using the sniper rifle, and it’s great.


This mobile game lets you play as Agent 47, sniping you victims from afar. Standing on a hillside, you’ve got to take out targets in an apartment complex. For example, shooting a glass railing will make your victim fall to his death, while you can draw a guard’s attention by shooting a car, thereby triggering an alarm.

Someone walking by a pool can be shoot in the head, and you can gain extra precision by pressing the lung icon onscreen, thereby holding your breath. If the body falls in the pool, it may stay hidden for a while and not draw attention, adding to your score.

There is only one level here, which is something of a bummer. But the tactical and puzzle-like challenges on offer (such as having to kill enemies in specific ways, like causing explosions), plus the weapons upgrades, and special abilities, mean this is a Hitman game that will keep you going for a while.

Came out on: iOS and Android.