Ranking the Hitman games from worst to best

3. Hitman 2 (2018)

Agent 47 gets ready to take the world by storm in Hitman 2.


This follow-up to Hitman delivered more of what made the 2016 game great: beautiful locations ranging from a Miami race track to a mysterious island somewhere in the North Atlantic, plus the Maldives too… Hitman 2 gave fans plenty of lovely scenarios in which to exercise their trigger finger.

Killing with bullets is not the best course of action here, even though there’s a large assortment of guns available, from Agent 47’s silenced pistol to Uzis and shotguns. Nope, a drop of poison or arranging an accident is the way to go here. Also, IO Interactive bringing in Sean Bean for a time-limited mission was inspired to say the least…

Hitman 2 is a notch below the previous game though: the locations are not quite so stupendous here. This is also lacking the superb motion-captured cinematics featured in the 2016 game, but is still a fantastic sequel in every sense of the word.

Came out on: PC, PS4 and Xbox One.