Ranking the Assassin’s Creed Games from Worst to Best

7. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Cesare Borgia is one mean adversary in this Assassin’s Creed game.


After the smash hit that Assassin’s Creed II was, Ubisoft quickly followed with a sequel titled Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. And although this led to some screaming “cash in” (which Brotherhood arguably is) the opening moments here are so good you can forgive Ubisoft for delivering more of the same.

Actually, it’s only moments after protagonist Ezio and Catherina Sforza have finished having fun between the sheets that Monteriggioni (Ezio’s base in Assassin’s Creed II) is blown to bits by Cesare Borgia in one stunning battle. And Cesare truly is a great villain. He’s one of the best in gaming so far, even if he’s involved in an awkward scene or two here (such as one ridiculous moment in which he kisses his sister with a little too much enthusiasm…).

Back in the present day, Rebecca, Shaun, Lucy and, of course, Desmond carry on with their business. Finding the Apple of Eden, that is. You know, the mysterious trinket the Templars also want for themselves, and which grants eternal power (or something like that). Like its predecessor Assassin’s Creed II, this also has a mind-blowing ending, meaning all the effort of running through 16th century Rome stabbing Templars and rallying the Brotherhood against the Borgias pays off in the end.