Top 10 video game controversies of 2021


There have been plenty of video game-related controversies this year. The Abandoned controversy involving game designer Hideo Kojima kept gamers on their toes, while Mass Effect Legendary Edition, despite being a great remaster of the original trilogy of Mass Effect games, was also controversial. Plus, a mini-game in Ubisoft’s blockbuster Far Cry 6 got people arguing this year too… So without further ado, here follows a list of the top video game controversies of 2021.

1. Starfield being an Xbox exclusive

Bethesda is a video game company famous for its Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game, and is known to millions of gamers the world over. This is why expectation for their upcoming sci-fi role-playing game Starfield is sky high, as this will also be the company’s first original game in years, and not a sequel to an existing series like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

Bethesda whet gamers’ appetites with a teaser trailer at this year’s E3 show, which showed some impressive gameplay footage. But many PlayStation owners were dismayed to discover that the game won’t be coming to PS5, as it will only be hitting Xbox consoles and PC when it launches on November 11, 2022.

Starfield’s Xbox exclusivity had been controversial since Microsoft acquired Bethesda and Zenimax Media in a massive $7.5 billion US dollars deal. Actually, Bethesda has even apologized for the game’s Xbox exclusivity, but clearly a big-name game like Starfield will do wonders to Microsoft’s Game Pass service, even if millions of PlayStation 5 owners will be left out in the cold in what clearly was one of the biggest controversies of the year.

Starfield (Bethesda Softworks)