Ranking the GTA Games from Best to Worst

11. Grand Theft Auto 2

Causing havoc in the city never got old in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Before Rockstar Games (which was previously known as DMA Design) released the world-conquering GTA III in 2001, they made a sequel to the original Grand Theft Auto game. This sequel toned down the violence, after the original generated controversy due to its violent content back in 1997.

GTA 2 featured gang warfare, with main character Claude hoping to make enough cash by taking jobs for the city’s criminal organizations such as the Yakuza in order to escape the fictional “Anywhere City”, where he even gets to assassinate Elvis impersonators… The top-down 2D action might have gotten repetitive after a while, but GTA 2 was still an action-packed title which did not innovate on its ground-breaking predecessor.

Came out on: PC, PlayStation.