Ranking the Sonic games from worst to best

4. Sonic Rush

This sure was one fast-paced Sonic game.


This game was released back in 2005, and took advantage of the DS dual screens to deliver an exhilarating platforming experience. The game’s plot sees arch-villain Dr Eggman return to make Sonic life’s miserable once again, with the evil doc having gotten hold of the famous chaos emeralds this time. The blue hedgehog is joined by Blaze here, who is a second character you can play as. This lets you enjoy an alternate version of the story while attempting to crash Dr Eggman’s party.

This also offered very fast platforming gameplay, and the typical rails, trampolines and loop-de-loops seen to date in the Sonic games. Plus, finishing off enemies with the dash attack was always a pleasure too… The action switches to 3D for some pretty cool boss battles (which sadly forego the use of the second screen), while there’s no doubt this was a tough Sonic game to play through as well. Nonetheless, this was a game most Sonic fans ended up falling in love with.

Came out on: Nintendo DS.