Top 21 video games to be released in 2018

11. Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection

Will this collection of Street Fighter games be true to the arcade originals?


It’s likely many Street Fighter fans were happy when Capcom announced Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection, a collection of classic Street Fighter games which will be shipping this year. Because this will give fans of the iconic fighting franchise another chance to play old classics like the original Street Fighter (which hit the arcades back in 1987) and also the likes of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, arguably the best game in the series to date. Actually, this collection ships with no less than six (yes, six!) different editions of Street Fighter II, including Super Street Fighter II, the first game in the series to feature iconic characters Cammy and Fei Long.

There are 12 games in total here including Street Fighter Alpha and its anime-inspired looks, and several variants of Street Fighter III too. Of course, it’s obvious true Street Fighter aficionados have already played most of these games in some form or another, but the truth is that this could be an unmissable release for those wishing to enjoy a trip down memory lane this year.

Release date: May 29, 2018. Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.