Top 21 video games to be released in 2018

18. Far Cry 5

You take on a deadly cult in Far Cry 5.


One thing that makes Far Cry 5 immediately stand out from the earlier games in the series is its setting. This is because instead of the exotic locales of previous entries – which include the Himalayas and a chain of Pacific Islands – this Far Cry game takes place in Montana, USA.

But judging by the trailer below, it looks like the action in Far Cry 5 will be as exciting as that of the best Far Crys to date, as you’ll have a full arsenal of weapons at your disposal, as well as a large collection of vehicles with which to annihilate the deadly cult which has taken over the fictional location of Hope County.

Aside from the great-looking Montana wilderness to explore, you’ll get to interact with characters like pilot Nick Rye and bartender Mary May, who will give you a hand in your quest. You also have the option of playing through the single player campaign together with a friend thanks to the new online co-op mode, meaning this could be another exciting entry in the series when it lands this March.

Release date: March 27, 2018. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.